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Josh was born in Poughkeepsie NY.  He became interested in creating art later in his life. First with figure sculpting, then watercolor, and from there he went into other mediums. He followed in his mother's footsteps and creates collage pieces. He teaches collage classes for seniors and  for the blind.  Glass mosaics became his passion for some time. He created a unique style in just his first piece. Josh added a relief style dimension to his mosaics which is rarely seen in the medium. His pieces are raised with dimension and movement created by adding depth and contrast.  His works have appeared in gallery shows in Palm Springs, NYC, Palm Desert, CA, Escondido and San Diego. 

His piece "Amalfi Villa" was part of the juried show at The Galen Palm Springs Art Museum, Palm Desert Gallery in Nov. 2019. His Desert Landscape mosaic was in a Juried show at The Escondido Arts Partnership.

He has sold figure sculptures, watercolor paintings and stained glass mosaics.


His mosaics are created with stained glass, Smalti, ceramic tile, glass, and other natural materials to create depth and texture. His works are generally 18 by 24 to 30 inches. They are framed in raised box frames. Some are encased in Plexiglass.

BUT THEN THE PANDEMIC CAME. And Josh could not work on his glass pieces at home. So he had an idea. When he was teaching paper collage card making classes he sometimes offered the more abled students the chance to work on something larger than a note card. And that is how he started his next venture into paper/fiber collage/mosaic art.

All of Josh's pieces post March of 2020 have been made from various types of paper. He once again raises the images off the surface to create a relief style in some of his pieces. A three dimensional flower or a bird on a branch. He uses all kinds of paper and some elements made from fiber.

Josh's pieces are at The Vision Arts Museum in Liberty Station. Art on 30th Street in San Diego. The Escondido Arts Partnership. And will appear in the summer of 2022 at The OFF TRACK GALLERY in Encinitas.


Follow Josh on INSTAGRAM    ranchojosh

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